Thanks to all who participated in the Kutol "Wash-it-Away" Photo Contest.

Want to continue reminding people to use soap?

There are still some "Wash-it-Away" mirror clings available.




Kutol Products Company reminds you that when you use soap, you effectively wash away micro-organisms that cause flu, colds, and illness.

Be healthy this winter! Wash your hands with soap and sing "Happy Birthday!" twice while rubbing and scrubbing.

Watch for the "Wash it Away" mirror clings in a restroom near you as a reminder to "Wash it Away" with soap and water!

Those distributor reps who submit the most creative, fun, entertaining photo of their "mirror cling" will win!

Thanks to all who participated this year!


Terry Murphy of Dutch Hollow Supplies in Belleville, IL is the Grand Prize Winner in the Kutol "Wash-it-Away" Photo Contest

Collecting our Grand Prize as the "Wash-it-Away" contest concludes is Terry Murphy with Dutch Hollow Supplies in Belleville, IL

Terry snapped his winning photo in a local police department fingerprinting room as an officer was using of Kutol’s Luxury Soap to remove fingerprinting ink.

Congrats to all our winners and participants!

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